German-French Bachelor & Master/PhD Degree Program in
Human and Molecular Biology


First steps

The program bases on a scientific cooperation between Manfred J. Schmitt and Joern Pütz. The first three students from Strasbourg visited Saarbrücken/Homburg during an Erasmus exchange in 2005. From there on, the universities intensified their collaboration continiously.


The efforts to push collaboration forward yielded in the implementation of the first German-French Bachelor study course in 2008. Right from the beginning we received many applications for the program. The success of our initiative was mainly due to our efforts to continiously improve the program and to fit the mutual needs.


In line of the successfull Bachelor's study course, we established a consecutive Master/PhD study program in 2013. Even though we are just starting, the many inquiries are already indicating that we are looking towards another attractive program to come.


In each step of the process, the Franco-German University (DFH / UFA) played a decisive role by its consulting and financial support of students and lecturers. We appreciate being part of this great network.