Human and Molecular Biology
German-French Bachelor & Master Degree Program

Master Program


General timeline of the program

The program consists of 1.5 to 2 years abroad and provides the opportunity to achieve a double Master of Science degree .

All classes and examinations are fully recognized by the partner universities.

The fully accredited program is supported by the Franco-German University (DFH / UFA).

Study Scheme

Starting in Strasbourg or Saarbrücken

The participants start their studies in their respective home university, where they spent the first year.

Subsequently the students transfer to the partner university to study the second year abroad including their experimental Master thesis.

Within the two years, the students meet regularly in the context of international / intercultural multi-day symposia to interact scientifically and socially.

5 Places


Winter Term

Semester Start
(Summer Term possible)

2 Years


Master of Science
Master en Science

Two Degrees (DE/FR)

120 ECTS

Credit Points

7 Years


Program Timeline

Start in France

Licence en Science

Year 1

French students
Meetings French & German students

Year 2

German students
Meetings French & German students

Year 1 = Semester 1 + 2
Year 2 = Semester 3 + 4

Start in Germany

Bachelor of Science

M1 (S1/S2)

German students
Meetings French & German students

M2 (S3/S4)

French students
Meetings French & German students

M1 = Semester 1 + 2
M2 = Semester 3 + 4

Program Contents


The classes in France concentrate on a profound theoretical education with continuous training in tutorials and exercises.


The courses in Germany focus on professional lab experience with corresponding lectures and seminars.

  • M1 Neurosciences cellulaires et integratives
  • M1 Biologie du developpement et cellules souches
  • M1 Biologie et genetique moléculaire
  • M1 Immunologie et inflammation
  • M2 Neurosciences cellulaires et integratives
  • M2 Biologie du developpement et cellules souches
  • M2 Biologie et genetique moléculaire
  • M2 Immunologie et inflammation
  • ADV I – Tumor- & Epigenetik
  • ADV II – Signalleitung & Transport
  • ADV III – Hormone, Stress & Gedächtnis
  • ADV IV – Infektionsbiologie
  • Projektproposal
  • Forschungsseminar
  • vertiefendes Laborpraktikum
  • Master-Arbeit
  • Kolloquium zur Master-Arbeit

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